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Angie's List Reviews

June 17, 2015

Paul is great.  My dogs took to him immediately.  I've had him sit with my dogs for a one week period on two separate occasions so far. It gave me such peace of mind to know that my dogs were so well taken care of.  Most recently, I suddenly was admitted to the hospital.  I called Paul and he immediately agreed to take care of my dogs for as long as I needed.  He goes above and beyond while pet sitting.  I would recommend him to anyone.

Valerie M.

Overall - A   Price - A  Quality - A  Responsiveness - A  Punctuality - A  Professionalism - A


June 7, 2015

In preparation for an upcoming trip, Paul has juggled his extremely busy schedule to provide daily visits to my rescue dog. He feeds, plays, hangs out and provides a level of comfort to Brodie that I didn't know was possible. Member Comments: Given my dog’s severe behavioral issues, I was facing the unthinkable of having to consider "putting him down" b/c of my travel schedule for work. He has handled my dog’s numerous behavioral quirks with keen intuition, research and an unsurpassed dedication of unconditional love and understanding towards Brodie. He is the animal lover of all animal lovers and treats each of his furry friends as they are his own – and then some! He is always organized, accommodating and highly professional while maintaining a warm, kind and personal approach to his work. Paul’s expertise goes far beyond “pet sitting.” He is an extension to any family with animals and should be referred to as world’s greatest “animal whisperer!” Whether you have furry or feathered friends, a turtle or a pet tiger – I trust Paul implicitly with any and all creatures great and small.

Kim W.


May 24, 2015

Paul, the owner of Creature Comforts, has been providing services for my two dogs for a number of years. He provides a wide variety of services. On an ongoing basis, Paul takes them for walks in the park, does obedience training and helps keep the yard clean. He also takes them to the vet and groomer. Paul also stays at the house and watches them when we are out of town. I highly recommend Creature Comforts. Paul is the best of the best! First, my dogs absolutely love him. Paul spoils them to death. They actually wait at my front door for him to arrive. Paul is trustworthy, dependable and passionate about animals. When we are traveling, I have such a sense of comfort that my dogs and the house are being well-taken care of. Paul communicates every day on status, sending pictures and giving general updates. Paul also goes the extra mile when emergencies occur. He dropped everything one day when my dogs broke out of the yard, and we couldn't locate them! He helped contact the local police, shelters and other organizations to immediately get the word out that they were missing. He worked with us until both dogs were home safe and sound.

Rosemary K

Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A


April 25, 2015

I've known Paul for several years now. He truly loves animals and loves what he does. The service is always above and beyond what we expect. We will continue to use all his services in the future. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A

Amber D


February 22, 2014

Creature Comforts took excellent care of our dog while we were away visiting our family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Paul Flotron made himself readily available to answer all our questions, covered all the bases about his company's services, provided references, and generally put us at ease by his professionalism and genuine concern-- not just for our dog--but for gaining our trust. We met personally with his associate, Justin, who provided the care for our dog. Our minds were at ease when we left for our trip that our dog would be very well taken care of, and upon our return, no surprise to us, our dog was as happy and healthy as we left him.

Gwyn W.


January 12, 2015

We entrust our two dogs, Annie and Henry, to Paul, who takes them on daily outings, and who moves into our home and takes care of them when we go out of town. On the daily outings, Paul provides the highest level of care with lots of love and attention, vigorous exercise at varied parks in the area, and regular training. Paul also provides a written daily summary of each day’s outings. When we go out of town, Paul commits a high percentage of time to being at home with and providing attention to Henry and Annie, in addition to the continued daily outings. We also receive daily texts with pictures and updates describing each day’s activities, and have the great comfort of knowing that our dogs, and our home, are in great hands. Besides personally witnessing Paul’s devotion to Annie and Henry, their highly enthusiastic reaction whenever Paul arrives makes it clear how well he takes care of them. We’ve been very fortunate to have great pet caregivers over the years, but Paul is head and shoulders at the top of the list. He is also very reasonably priced considering the level of care he provides. We would highly recommend Paul to handle your pet care needs.

Barbara and Matt C.

January 3, 2015

Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A

(Creature Comforts - Paul Flotron) Took care of our cat while we were out of town. Fed, water, litter box change etc. Paul communicated with us on a regular basis, including details and pictures sent via text messaging. Paul was very professional and went above and beyond what any other pet sitter has ever provided. We highly recommend this service for your pet.

Marvin R.


December 2, 2014

Paul Flotron, the owner of Creature Comforts has provided home care for our 3 cats 4 or 5 times this year. He has always been on time, our cats are very comfortable with him and he remembers their names! We also always get a text with a picture of one of the cats ever day. We really enjoy working with Paul. Our cats are our "Kids" and we trust Paul with them. Paul Flotron, the owner of Creature Comforts has provided home care for our 3 cats 4 or 5 times this year.

Leslie M.


November 21, 2014

I am very lucky to be one of Paul Flotron’s clients. I met him in February 2014 and hired him to walk, feed, pet, take care of, massage, and sing for my two dogs, Pumpkin and Spice. My job requires me to be away 3-4 times a month. My little dogs have adopted Paul as “theirs”. Whenever I know Paul will be coming to feed and walk them, I tell the dogs “Paul will see” them and they wag their tails. As a pet care provider, Paul is the best. I have had others who scared my dogs, or simply let them loose in the back yard without walking them for socialization and exercise. Paul always provides feedback on my dogs’ activities which I appreciate. The best thing he does is take pictures of the dogs and texts or puts them on Facebook so I can feel at ease. My puppies are always happy, smiling, and giving kisses in the photos Paul takes. Rest assured, your beloved pets are in great hands with Paul Flotron, and I worry a lot less about leaving my dogs for work or vacation when Paul takes care of them.

Tracy L., CRNA"


October 22, 2014

Paul took care of our three dogs, feeding, watching over them, letting them in and out,, administering medication, giving them love and attention. He sent pictures of the three dogs regularly which meant a lot to us, Everything was great!! Could not have been better, Dogs were happy and well cared for, in addition, we have the security of knowing Paul was in our home while we were out of state"

Sharon & Gary F.


I wish there was an A+ rating! Paul should get it! We have 2 dogs, one is over 14, and is on a special diet and drug regimen, we trust Paul to her, when we are gone."

Richard C.


Paul was reliable, diligent and genuinely loved our dog who was elderly and had special needs. He took excellent care of our home while we were away and gave us detailed reports on the day. We trusted Paul completely and cannot recommend him and his services highly enough."

Robert S.


I think my German Shepard is happier to see Paul than me! Paul is very trust worthy,prompt,and detail oriented. It took me 5 years to find the right pet sitter, Creature Comforts is the best ever! Creature Comforts is one of the finest pet sitting businesses out there! Paul will leave a daily diary of activities etc. He also will bring in the mail, water your plants, and leave your home exactly

how you left it for no extra fee. It took me 5 yrs to find the perfect person for my pets! Hands down, it's Creature Comforts!!"

Hannah T.


I would not leave my pets with just anyone and with all of the years of experience combined with compassionate nature, I trust Creature Comforts 100%

Stefanie H.


Paul cared for our elderly terrier for a period of 5 hours on a Friday evening. He was so caring and concerned about our pet. There are not many people I would trust my dog with, but I would totally trust Paul. He came before the job to meet with my dog, and to learn his routine, provide references, and to answer any of our questions. Our dog was a bit difficult, but Paul did everything possible to make him comfortable. He went above and beyond.

Greg R.


Paul has never provided services to me, but for anyone seeking pet care and sitting, I can't imagine there exists a more passionate or committed person. Paul LOVES animals. And he will make your pet feel like a king or queen. He takes the same great care of his human customers, ever ready to modify his schedule to fit theirs. To anyone considering using Creature Comforts Great & Small, I say, "Try Paul. You won't just like him, you'll LOVE him!"

Donna B.


Paul has been walking, house sitting, loving and caring for my two Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers for about two years. In sum, Paul is a unique, dedicated, responsible, knowledgeable, understanding, concerned, trustworthy, faithful professional. Specifically, Paul is an animal lover, who has bound his love to his work. Always concerned and aware, he is there if and when you need him. His concern for my pets, his constant considerations of what is needed and his interest in making his work the best it can be, continue to amaze me. His charges are very reasonable and I recommend him without any reservations.

Joyce K.


Creature Comforts is like an assured peace of mind when my husband and I travel, which has been quite frequently. Paul Flotron is amazingly professional and reliable. He always keeps us posted of how the dogs are doing and also keeps a really neat log of details for our return reading. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, wonderful companion and caregiver for our dogs, and genuinely the most hardworking, trustworthy person I know. He goes above and beyond to assure our fur babies and home are well cared for.

Dara H-A


I am an apartment manager at an apartment community in Creve Coeur. We had seen Paul walking a Golden Retriever (Penney) that resides here. We were very impressed with how much Paul had taught Penney just in the few weeks we saw them walking together. At our apartment community we truly celebrate our "animal" residents! Each year when we close down our outdoor pools we allow our K-9 friends to embark on a swimming journey for the afternoon! Last year we invited Paul to attend the event, talk with our residents and their K-9 friends and introduce himself. Paul was a big hit. When you first meet Paul, you can tell he is a gentle soul with only the best in mind for your pet. He is extremely knowledgeable with many animal breeds including cats, birds and reptiles. My husband and I own 2 dogs and they are our "fur kids." I would have the utmost confidence in Paul to care for them in any way. I have had great feedback from our residents with regard to Paul's ability, his friendliness and his knowledge of pets and their care. Without hesitation, I would recommend Paul for any pet care you and your family may need.

Chelle H.


I found Paul through a recommendation from a friend last summer and have used him at least once a month since. The care that he gives the dogs is second to none! My oldest dog is 14 and I have tried just about every dog boarding facility and sitter in town and Paul is the only one I will use from now on. I know he will write a detailed daily update, but I prefer a daily text and they are very informative. He always has a nice note for me when I return. My dogs are happy and my house is spotless! You can tell he loves what he does and I never worry about my dogs for one minute when I am gone. I am so very grateful that I finally found someone to love my three dogs as much as I do.

Betsy M.


He is amazing with the animals! He’s just so good. While I was gone he maintains the cleanliness of the house. He brought my mail and newspaper in while were we gone, and while he's away he maintains the lived in effect. He also gave us a diary of what he did with the dogs while we were gone everyday. The dogs were healthy, taken care of, and walked. His car started leaking oil and he was thoughtful enough to not park in my driveway. He works 7 days a week, he’s very well spoken. He's very much dedicated to the animals, his clients and his business. In closing, it took me 5 years and many interviews to find this person with such high standards that values my pets as much as I do, to me that's an irreplaceable feeling.

Ron T.